Why your website needs to be alive

– so your business gets the attention it deserves.

You want a website that magically attracts your dream customers and turns them into enthusiastic customers. Right?!

Then your website must be one thing: alive!
With alive I mean that your website needs to live and grow. Best to grow with your business. Just like these height-adjustable children’s furniture – only in beautyful.

A website where only every few months something happens happens, quickly turns into oblivion and your business also. This is not only stupid for your poor Website fallen into deep Rosebud slumber, but also for your business.

Because you want to use all your precious resources effectively and do not waste time

Imagine: Your website attracts your ideal customers magically. Then they transform themselves into enthusiastic dream customers, who always shop with you, and recommend you enthusiastically.

So called word of mouth propaganda – invaluable!

With vivid mean, I also mean that your website may have corners and edges, in the sense of showing personality.

Why? Because your website visitors are not an undefined as broad as possibly be -anonymous Interneturfer – but your dream customer. A real person with real interests, needs, his own taste and genuine feelings. A person to whom you can build a real relationship. Through useful content, personality, interesting stories and a positive energy that contributes and creates trust.

Unmistakable, unique, that is you – you only exist once. You make your business unique. An authentic and consistent branding.

Specifically, this means: Show up and stop hiding! A stunning portrait of you on which you visibly feel comfortable – contributes contagiously. And answers the question – Who is behind it? And – Can I trust this person? Your About Page is the perfect place to deepen this answer even further.

Show who you are, why you do, what you do and what is your motivation behind this. What is the result and outcame you want your customer to have.

Videos and animated gifs are not only beautiful to look at, but also create an emotional connection to your customer. That’s why video marketing works so well.

This happens quite subconsciously. The human eye or human perception is also designed to react to movement.

Through movement, colors, speed and visual hierarchy attention can be gained and tension built up. Attention is important to remember something. Boring content is often either filtered out right from the start, or forgotten very quickly.

People – These are your customers. Testimonials, Use Cases, an exciting Making Of, a Cinderealla Before & After, a useful Blogposts or Product Reviews.

Show your face, show who you are and that there is always something new to discover with you. Show that you are interested in your customers and that you are there for them.

Language – that is, text or so called copy. – In the web, many tend to fall into a business robot language.

People are interested in real people and their authentic stories. You can tell these stories best when you write like you would speak to a friend or your customer in a live situation.

No business robot technical jargon, but a real sympathetic voice that tells your customers why your product or services is the right choice for them.

Your customer, Your dream client feels the emotion that you infuse into your business and visibly communicate in your website. Energy that transcends itself. If you smile on the phone the listener can tell and if you write also, by the way.


Stories – your why – your philosophy, your attitude, your energy, your enthusiasm for your own product. Useful information, success stories, etc.

With stories, you can enlighten, educate, entertain and build a relationship with your customers.

This does not have to be an epic of success story. This can be a quite simple story like: A Sales  Action, Challenges, Product Sales, Product Recommendations and Background Information, Testimonials, Use Cases, an exciting Making Of, a Cinderealla Before & After, a useful Blogposts or a simple Product Recommendation.

With good blog content it is like having a good diet. The dose makes the poison. A balanced, varied mix of different ingredients in good quality makes your menu round. So it’s not just the food that matters.

Good and useful content that meets exactly the taste of your customer, shows openly and authentically who you are. And that is not only good for Google.