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10 Strategys to come up with new ideas.

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Wow, when it comes to creativity techniques, you can find a lot of different techniques.
As a freelance graphic designer you have to deliver ideas on demand constantly.

Creativity technique- sounds like a big word – for me, this is nothing more than a small Brain Exercise. A good mental workout when time and creativity are short on supply.

Today we start with the Thinking Tool: How I came to – is a long history, more about that, some other time.




1 Hate your enemies.
Think of a polite idea, how you can slap your competitor in the face

2 Provoke and hurt.
Think of aloud ides, that draws attention to your product

3 Make the consumer think or play.
Think of a loud idea,that draws attention to your product

4 Change the perspective
Think of a different angle of how you could look at the product

5 No pictures needed!
Think of thoughtful idea, that make visuals unnecessary

6 Don´t say a word.
Think of a visual idea, that make word unnecessary.

7 Think big!
Think of an idea, that supersizes your product in a clever way.

8 Think small!
Think of a big idea, that minimizes your product in a clever way.

9 Play with the media!
Think of an ambient idea, that perfectly fits to the product

10 Invent a zero dollar campaign
Think of an amazing idea, that costs nothing.



Thanks to: Creative Explosion

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