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Think you need just a logo? Think again!

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Many clients come to me with the statement: “I need just a logo”. Why this statement is fatal for both uf us, for you as my client and for me as your designer.
I hear that a lot, so may times and it hurts me, not only me but my design heart, my entrepreneurial spirit and my knowledge of strategy.
Where does the “I need just a logo” -Syndrome come from?

Certainly it is because many Entrepreneurs are quite aware that a logo can have an immense importance. And certainly it is also due, that you want to mark your idea, your business as yours.

Like back in the days with the horses and cows – the star of belongingness. The indicia; the permission to belong to a very special story.

Sure on one hand everyone need just a logo in the first place. But is that really so? What is missing is the view of the overall communication – the communication concept.


So what is that a communication concept? With communication concept I mean the communication of the brand with your audience.

How you communicate with your audience and how you stage and position your brand.

To visually convey what you want to testify, it requires a strong idea that is implemented consistently.
In order to achieve visual consistency you need just that: a strong communication concept. For Wlkipedia visual communication means this: the transmission of information to the human eye and visual communication defined as part of the interpersonal, nonverbal communication.

What is a logo really? And what is a logo not?

A logo is just a logo, it cannot process the entire brand communication.

A Logo works only in the interaction of all other instruments. A logo is not a picture puzzle and a logo does not visualise what a company does.

It is nothing but a sign of recognition, a trademark. Apple does not produce half-eaten apples and is not an apple orchard. If the logo is once learned, it is representative for the values of the company.

It has been linked to a history of the company and is a symbol of this story. The half-eaten apple – the expulsion from paradise and also the emancipation of people – the reinvention of the computer.

From a perspective of strategy it makes more sense to spent time on brand research. What the brand should stand for and very important, what your future goals look like.

Research of your competition, interview with the founder – result analysis and then: the overall concept.

In any event it is this: the preliminary work is absolutely necessary for a good branding. If the communication concept stands it is easy to design the appropriate means of communication. The biggest part is the preparatory work.

So it makes perfect sense, to tackle the whole package from the beginning.

Those who still can not afford a professional branding creating a simple DIY Branding until the budget is filled. This DIY Branding should be structured and very minimalistic so a redesign will be preceived as smooth transition and upgrade for your brand.

Keyword redesign: – your business evolves – so your branding can too. So that your brand is staged in front of the right audience and shines at it´s best.

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