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Client: Ronin Dojo – Traditional Thai Boxing
Service: Webdesign, Photography, Video

Webdesign: Responsive WordPress Webseite
Photography & Video: Team, Location, Training

Phil Hofman the founder of Ronin Dojo, a studio for traditional Thai Boxing required a digital platform for his studio. The main goal of the website is to attract more and especially the right customers. In the martial arts industry it is absolutely usual to use a tough tone, appropriate competitions and fights can also attract a more ready to use violent rowdie clientel.

The Ronin Dojo sees body and mind as a holistic system and encourages a healthy well-adjusted concept of life, based on the traditional philosophy of martial arts.

The already existing design language of the flyer and the key visual, an extensive illustrated Ninja in Comic Style, illustrated by graphism, should be integrated in the webdesign.
So, my task was to translate and evolve the visual language for digital uses.

The distinctive Ninja mascot in Comic style finds his place also as mural in the dojo. So I decided to use the Key Visual Ninja as animated Header. The dark Background and the special jade green, which is also used on the dojo floor, emphasizes the ninja feeling oft he website. Another demand oft he website was to extend the phone contact, therefore the phone numbers found its place on important spots.

We captured the high-quality accommodation and pleasant ambience in a nice shooting, a loveley bonus was the teambuildng effekt during the shooting.

I think we all had a great time, at least I had so much fun during the work, so big thank you to all involved!


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