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Anatomy of a Logo

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There is an endless amount of logos and many are wondering why some logos are amazingly good while others perish in the mass. A logo must be working on different fields of application and they need to have always one purpose: recognizability. The logo, whether in the browser window as a tiny favicon or on a huge display on broadway, it must always be recognizable.

A good logo is simple and unique. It works on any printed material, books, business cards, pens, in your car and at all online and moving image media. It can be animated, sparkling and bold, is unique and you do remember it. Your logo is part of your business as you yourself.


A good logo outlasted its founding fathers and may continue to evolve, Timeless, stylish and relevant.



From tiny to huge

It is important that your logo works well in a very small size and in a very large format. It is important that your logo to any size and level of use, has been specifically optimised for it.

For example, it is not enough to scale down your logo to get a good favicon. At this level the details don´t work any more, they disappear – mingle optical – often only to a lump. That sounds not only clumsy, it looks like it. So a favicon must be super reduced and exhibit a strong contrast.

Another dimension that you absolutely need, can be more detailed. This is where your logo can shine in its full glory. On your website, sour business cards, your flyers or your video. You won´t get larger on the web, probably.

By the way Web:


Print vs Web

What to consider for print data:
For print you need data en masse. So best all in High Resolution. For your logo this means, the you need a Vectorfile.
With a Vector file you can scale your logo on any size and the details and edges remain sharp and crisp.

The two main vector data format are called eps and ai.

For web stuff we need pixels instead of vectors. Here must find a balance between file size and image quality. Otherwise your website gets really slow, which is not good at all.

The two main formats for your web optimised logo are jpg and png. In a png you can save transparency – which is very chic.

Word or image, or images and words

When one speaks of a logo, you can also say mark or word mark, a combination of both is the word-picture mark.

You can take this literally, the word mark consists only words and the picture mark an image. The word-picture mark is obviously both combined. Usually there is a a logo alternative for both, but not always.


Signetic and Symbolism:

Symbols are learned and deeply anchored in culture. Many can be understood at first glance. A drop may represent water, a wavy line as well. Not only religious symbols carry much meaning in itself. A modern-day symbol can carry a lot meaning in itself, in the best case your logo should reflect the values of your brand and your business.

However, it makes little sense to invent new symbols for deep-rooted things, that already exist as symbols. Nevertheless, there are differences in execution. Picture puzzles are not symbols and never become good logos.



Oh colors- beautiful topic. Colours are, just like symbols deeply anchored in culture and charged with meaning. But there is a completely natural mechanism, our body responds to the colors. Colours have meaning and colors have an immediately effect on our emotion.
There are warm and cool colors. You can associate colors with the seasonal conditions.

The colors used in your logo should reflect your values or the values of your brand and business. Your brand can be cool and minimalistic or warm, inviting and feminine.



Fonts. Like humans have different characters, each font has a unique character. The Font can represent an attitude for you. So with your chosen font your reflect character.


Wrap up: – these files are essential:

– an Icon / Favicon – a mtiny jpg or png in case you have something with transparency.
– a Highres File all printed materials as Vectorfile eps and ai
– a weboptimized jpg for all your webstuff


Here is my Logofolio – a small selection of logos created by me.

Have fun,
see you soon!


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