Are you making those 5 errors on your website ?

5 mistakes that almost everyone makes on their website.

Error number 1:
An unclear and confusing navigation

A clear navigation is the essence of your website. As in a public building, it is important that everyone finds their way, easily.
A typical mistake, for example is: to use creative names for the individual pages and in the navigation. Often these are also topic related technical terms – that usually no one can cope with, but you and your peers. By the way, with navigation I mean the menu, which leads your customer through your website.

Make it easy for your customers and use menu and page titles that already have been learned. For example: Start // Home Page // Your Offers // About // Contact

According to the motto of the KISS formula – Keep it simple and stupid!


Error number 2:
Using an unpersonal Business Robot Language
Using an unpersonal Business Robot Language and industry specific jargon.
Most of the time you live so much in your expert // industry bubble that you do not even notice what strange words you´re using.
Your language should always be oriented towards your target group, not to your colleagues. Unless your colleagues are your customers at the same time.
And what exactly is the Business Robot Language?
Using a language, not only on your website – which is indeed highly professional, but also very difficult to understand and even less an emotional connection to your reader. Just like a business robot. And not like a normal – trustworthy person.
Especially in the digital world and on your website, it is important to create trust quickly.



Error number 3:
Sending visitors away from your Website
The Internet is a great thing – but unfortunately also the biggest distraction machine and the biggest time-eater at all.
You want your website visitors to fall in love with your business and buy your offers, right?
You want to create confidence and appeal to those customers who like your products and offerings fit as poured – so to speak the Cinderella-solution.
You want to inform, enlighten, advise your customers and animate them to buy your product.
The worst thing you can do is to send your visitors away from your site. Either into the infinite data migration – into the time-feeding machine number one – social media or simply to the contents of other people.
Do not send your customers away – they just found you. Every link on your website, that  leads away from your website, should open in a new window. This way, your visitor stays with you.
Error number 4:
Redirect to social media without a strategy

We just talked about it. Smedia is the distraction and time-eating machine number ONE! But, it is also a great opportunity to get to know your customers and create an immediate value. Still, please don´t make this mistake on your website :

List all your social media accounts and hope – that something awesome happens. – This is a bit – too unstrategic.

Take advantage of the power of social media. Use just one or two social media platform -not every platform available – it’s too confusing. Search for one channel, a platform with which you like to communicate, you´re favorite social media platform for example, Instagram and use it very purposefully.


Error number 5:
No clear CTA

Ai karramba – no clear call to action! That is stupid. Because: Your customer does not know what to do.
Take the chance and tell your customers what to do to get to the solution of her problem – your offer – even before she has bought anything.

I know this is very tempting and I also always like to fall into this trap – to use too many different and or non-unique CTA’s on the website.

The best thing is, if your website is so structured that your customers are not confused by too many different CTA’s.
Making decisions always costs a lot of brainworm – often subconsciously.

Do not make it harder for your customer than it already is. Set your website strategically to reach your 3 most important goals. On CTA per Page.

So those were the 5 errors I see most often. If you avoid these you are way ahead most website owners.


Do you have any questions? You are tortured by a burning question or you want to improve your website as soon as possible?